How it works?

Learn Playing is pure fun and very intuitive. The game shows a number of items depending on the difficulty level selected. These items each have their own look and sound.


main game difficulties by age

It’s all about repeating the sequences the game plays, for doing so each sequence’s item’s sound and look must be recognized.

Game challenge

main game difficulties by age

As the game progress, sequences are composed of a larger amount of items and therefore they get harder to recall. Up to 12 simultaneous items.

Age Difficulties

main game difficulties by age

There are 3 main difficulty levels based on the child’s age: 3 or older, 5 or older and 7 or older.

Game Hints

game hints

You can choose the sounds not to play or the items not to be higlighted while played, this will add extra difficulty to the game.

Stage Levels


Each of the 11 game stages include 11 levels kids must complete, each of these levels will be variations of the selected stage. This way kids get to learn every item’s sound, look and name.